The Ferretti brand is the true incarnation of the sea-going tradition combining luxury yacht-building excellence and technological know-how which has been consolidated over the years with the creative intuition and talent for innovation of the brands founder.

    Harmonious design and intelligent engineering are cleverly combined with a craftsmanship that only a Made-In-Italy product can possess - an expertise which thrives to this day.

    Ever since 1968, the Ferretti brand has been the benchmark for boatbuilding and today is capable of meeting the diverse needs of boat owners all over the world, from planing flying bridge to semi-displacement yachts constructed in composite fiberglass.

     It is the fusion of being and doing. Quintessentially Italian: know-how and a  style like no other.

    Custom Line is a unique range of yachts with all the features typical of fiberglass flying bridge planing yachts over 30 metres in length, offering plenty of solutions for personalization.

    Custom Line was established in 1996 to meet the demand for a range of tailor-made yachts larger in size than the Ferretti Yachts range that then produced flying-bridge models between 12 and 25 metres.

    Pershing, part of the Group since 1998, specializing in the production of high performance open motor yachts measuring 15 to 35 meters in length.

    Itama, part of the Group since 2004, producing open motor yachts measuring 13 to 24 meters in length.
  • RIVA

    Riva, part of the Group since 2000, specialized in open and flybridge motor yachts measuring 8 to 50 meters in length.

    In 1957, Henri Jeanneau, already passionate about aeroplanes and automobiles, had just discovered a brand new passion for powerboating, one that began as he watched a boat pass by his window.

    Created over 20 years ago, Prestige is now an internationally recognized brand, present on four continents through a network of specialized dealers trained by the shipyard. Whether on the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea, the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, the China Sea, the Andaman Sea, the Tasmanian Sea or the Coral Sea, Prestige is an established brand. Worldwide, 2,500 Prestige owners share our values.

  • Sunreef

     Established in 2002 by Francis Lapp, the Sunreef Yachts shipyard  is regarded as the world leader in designing and manufacturing of luxury, custom made sailing and power catamarans. 

    ƒ We are constantly working to ensure that the Sunreef Yachts brand is synonymous of the quality and hi-ended luxury 
    ƒ We are continuously expanding the range of models 
    ƒ We are focused on the precision of production of our boats. Our offer is tailored to the needs and expectations of every single customers 


     Paul and Carol Kuck founded Regal Marine Industries in 1969. Today, Regal boats define state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and continue to carry Paul and Carol’s philosophy that faith and stewardship will always guide the way.